David Wiseman

What are your company’s core competencies, and how can you use them to get through the pandemic and thrive in the future? That’s what today’s guest joins the podcast to talk about David Wiseman is the co-founder of Little Sesame, a D.C. restaurant specializing in hummus. Listen to the episode to hear David discuss how his restaurants were impacted by the pandemic, what changes his team has made in order to adapt, and where David sees Little Sesame going in the future.


Topics Discussed in Today’s Episode:

How Little Sesame got started
Little Sesame’s locations
How Little Sesame has been impacted by the pandemic
Changes that Little Sesame has made that David thinks are here to say
David’s plans for Little Sesame’s future
How David transitioned from law into the restaurant world
Where the name Little Sesame came from
David’s future aspirations
Things David’s restaurant has done that other businesses could learn from
David’s advice for other businesses
What David recommends checking out in D.C.



David Wiseman

Little Sesame



“One of our big primary goals with Little Sesame was to give people kind of an escape. Because when you take warm pita and you’re ripping it into hummus, you can’t really be on your phone.”

“I think a trend that’s really going to be here to stay is how do you meet the customer where they are?”

“We really believe in the power of the chickpea, the power of the shared meal, and it’s something we want to bring to a lot of people.”