Luisa Woods

Entertainment experiences that require going out into public spaces have definitely been hit hard by the pandemic. How have they been adjusting, and how have their customers’ behaviors changed in recent weeks and months? Today’s guest is Luisa Woods, the VP of marketing for gaming and entertainment at Delaware North. In today’s episode, she discusses her own day-to-day routines, the factors that draw in customers to online gaming and to brick and mortar gaming facilities, and how to create an omnichannel experience in the gaming space.


Topics Discussed in Today’s Episode:

What Luisa’s day-to-day responsibilities look like
Biggest changes that Luisa has seen in customer behavior
The connection between the draws for online gaming and land-based gaming
What people in the gaming space get wrong when it comes to the omnichannel experience
Whether Luisa thinks that recent changes will be temporary or permanent
How adversity affects people
Luisa’s approach to creating on-location experiences
Luisa’s favorite stores to shop in
Creating experience based on knowledge about customer behavior
Technologies that are being adopted at a faster pace than Luisa expected
Places that Luisa recommends visiting


Luisa Woods



“I think that the gaming industry, in particular, is going through unprecedented change.”

“It’s a question of recognizing the right opportunity, the right experience, the right offer to a customer at the right time.”

“I think we’re never going to go backwards. I think that we will go forwards into a new normal.”