Paul Chapuis

Paul Chapuis is the founder and CEO of OnQ Technology. OnQ is a Bay Area retail display company. The company’s location and function put OnQ into the position of needing to continually come up with new, innovative ideas for their clients, which gives Paul a unique perspective on retail. Listen in to today’s episode to hear what Paul has to say about converging in-store and online experiences, the role of the mobile phone in retail, and some key takeaways for retailers working on designing in-store experiences.


Topics Discussed in Today’s Episode:

What Paul’s company does
Biggest changes in consumer behavior Paul’s seen over the last few years
Recent changes that may be adopted at a faster pace than previously
Recommendations for helping retailers converge experiences
The role of the mobile phone
What retailers should avoid doing when creating in-store experiences
Some of Paul’s favorite in-store experiences
Paul’s favorite store to shop in
Key takeaways for retailers designing an in-store experience
Technologies that Paul thinks were adopted faster than expected in the US
Technologies that Paul believes will have the biggest impacts on shopping


Paul Chapuis



“Because we’re in the middle of the Bay Area and as a retail display company for those types of customers, we end up being probably the number one display company on the planet that’s pressed to come up with new, interesting, innovative things.”

“We’re seeing it go from just a way to get things from a manufacturer to a person to something that’s just much deeper than that.”

“Whenever you’re doing an interactive experience, you have to figure out how to have that thing know who the person is and be able to follow up.”