Alex Kinnier

Today’s guest is helping brick and mortar retailers transform themselves digitally in order to keep up and thrive in an increasingly online world. Alex Kinnier is the co-founder and CEO of GetUpside, a company that was specifically founded in order to transform physical commerce for the digital world. Listen in to hear what Alex has to say about the changes he’s seeing in consumer behavior, what retailers get wrong when building digital experiences, and what experiences Alex appreciates in his personal favorite brands.


Topics Discussed in Today’s Episode:

What GetUpside is all about
What made Alex want to start GetUpside
The biggest changes that Alex has seen in consumer behavior
How to use data to reach out
Changes that are long-term vs. changes that will go away once the pandemic is over
What has not changed in restaurants and retail over the last few decades
What retailers get wrong when building digital and offline experiences
Best in-store experiences that Alex has seen
Personal brands that Alex loves because of the experience
How GetUpside is helping to accelerate the digital transformation for its clients
Technologies on the merchant side that are being adopted faster than Alex expected
Best things to do in Maryland


Alex Kinnier



“I also value a world where people can gather, physical merchants can thrive.”

“Traffic is down substantially in every brick and mortar business except potentially grocery.”

“For me, my best experiences are the local merchants I work with here in Bethesda.”