Sherif Mityas

It’s not only retail spaces that are undergoing changes at the moment, but also restaurant spaces. Joining the podcast today to talk about both the retail and restaurant space is Sherif Mityas. Sherif is a strategist in the retail and consumer spaces as well as the former Chief Experience Officer for TGIFridays. Listen in to hear what Sherif has to say about changes that he’s seen in consumer behavior, advice for restauranteurs and retailers, and what technologies he’s excited about.

Sherif Mityas former chief experience officer for TGIFridays.


Topics Discussed in Today’s Episode:

Sherif’s career background
The best retail and restaurant experiences Sherif has seen
The biggest changes Sharif has seen in consumer behavior
Whether Sharif thinks that pandemic related changes are temporary or permanent
How to create a welcoming experience when customers aren’t coming in
What has not changed in restaurants and retail over the last few decades
Tactical advice for restauranteurs and retailers
Restaurant brands that have created great experiences
Technologies that are being adopted at a faster pace than anticipated
Technologies that Sherif is excited aboutretailers in the coming years
Sherif’s thoughts on facial recognition


Sherif Mityas



“Not a lot of people before this had ever ordered online. They never thought about getting groceries online. And now, that’s exploded.”

“You’re not going to always do curbside. But you might do it once a month, and before you never did it at all.”

“Fulfilling a need is still at the core of the hospitality and retail industry.”