Sucharita Kodali

As retail evolves and changes in general and in response to the current moment, it’s important for companies and brands to understand how best to connect with and educate their customers about what they can offer. To talk about the changing approaches in retail today, Sucharita Kodali, Retail Industry Analyst at Forrester joins the podcast today to talk about how retailers can draw customers into brick and mortar locations, how to capture demand signals in-store, and how to bridge the gap between digital and brick-and-mortar experiences.


Topics Discussed in Today’s Episode:

Sucharita’s history in retail
Why Sucharita was interested in joining an analyst group
What Sucharita has learned from different retail companies
Changes that are likely in the retail world post-pandemic
What retailers can do to draw people back into brick and mortar locations
How to connect with and educate customers more about the brand
Ways for retailers to capture demand signals in-store
How companies can bridge the gap between digital and brick and mortar experiences
What in-store experiences retailers should be mimicking in the coming months and years
What technologies are being adopted faster than expected and will help retailers in the coming years


Sucharita Kodali



“Short-term, there’s just going to be a lot less buying in categories that are not essential.”

“A lot of it is, let the customer give feedback, let them provide the feedback on what they know.”

“That’s one of the advantages of being behind digitally is that there’s no need to really reinvent the wheel.”