Carol Spieckerman

Are retailers in danger of losing their point of view? Are changes that retailers have made because of the coronavirus crisis going to be permanently adopted, or just temporary? These are some of the topics that today’s guest, internationally recognized authority on retail and brand positioning Carol Spieckerman, will discuss in this episode. Listen in to hear what Carol has to say about changes that Carol has seen in client work and consumer behavior, best practices that retailers can implement right away, and which technologies are being quickly adopted or left on the back burner.


Topics Discussed in Today’s Episode:

How Carol helps retailers
Changes that Carol has seen in client work
Biggest changes that Carol has seen in consumer behavior recently
Whether Carol thinks the current changes will be long-term or temporary
What retailers get wrong about omnichannel experiences
Whether online strategies are as strong as in-store strategies
Best practices that retailers can implement today
Best in-store experiences Carol has seen
What smaller brands can learn from larger retailers
How brands can build their ideal customer profile
Technologies that are being adopted faster than Carol anticipated
Whether retailers will need to start adopting artificial intelligence


Carol Spieckerman



“It turns out that all those convenience options that retailers were cooking up before the corona crisis have now become safety enablers.”

“These days, the impulse shopping and the treasure hunt environments that were driving so much of retail before, they can create tension.”

“Retailers really need to own their story and they need to own their capabilities and they need to understand that look at all of those as part of their arsenal.”