Rob Fishman

Rob Fishman is an entrepreneur who has been in a number of different business and management fields over the years. He’s also the author of a book about retail success in an online world. Listen to today’s episode to hear what this very special guest has to say about current changes in the retail world that may be around for the long term, the types of businesspeople and how each type is approaching pandemic-related challenges, and which technologies are being adopted faster than Rob ever expected.


Topics Discussed in Today’s Episode:

Rob’s background
Big changes in consumer behavior that Rob has seen
What current changes may become long-term changes
How retailers get the online/offline combination wrong
Tough questions that retailers must ask themselves
Types of businesspeople
Tactical things that retailers should avoid doing right now
Best in-store experiences Rob has seen
Rob’s favorite brand experiences
Technologies that have been adopted faster than Rob expected
Technologies that Rob thinks will have the biggest impact on the future
Advice for retailers


Rob Fishman



“For those brick and mortar retailers who have not chosen to change, it’s going to be a real challenge.”

“The buyers also are really leveraging technology moreso than ever, so that’s where the retailers now have to be very very careful about what they’re promising and what they’re doing.

“This is the time, for any of the retailers paying attention to what I’m saying, it’s the time to do a strengths and weaknesses analysis.”