Marshall Kay

Marshall Kay is the founder of RFID Sherpas and a retail entrepreneurial consultant. In this episode, we dive into the technology of RFID technology, and how it can help retail brands in their stores. RFID creates smart lables that will help stores collect and manage more data about the movement of their inventories. This technology is inexpensive to implement and it will fundamentally improve the running of your store.

Topics Discussed in Today’s Episode:

  •  What is RFID Sherpas and how does it assist retail entrepreneurs? 
  • Why you want to use RFIDs in your store
  • How Marshall discovered RFID technology 
  • Is RFID technology expensive? 
  • Are there any privacy concerns with using RFID tags in your store? 
  • Examples of stores using this new technology today 
  • Common mistakes stores will make when implementing RFID technology 
  • The future of RFID in retail