Ron Thurston

Ron Thurston is the host of the Retail in America Podcast. He spent many years working on the front lines of retail, and then he wrote his book, Retail Pride, to celebrate his career journey. On his book tour, he also meets front line retail workers around the country and documents his adventures on his podcast. On the show today, we talk about what it’s like to work on the front lines of retail in 2022. Ron shares everything retail businesses need to know about supporting the workers on the front lines. 


Topics Discussed in Today’s Episode

  • About Ron and the Retail in America Podcast 
  • Retail as a fulfilling and exciting career 
  • Stories from the front lines of retail in America 
  • Retail as an “accidental career” for a lot of people 
  • How people find success in their retail careers 
  • What retail companies can do to inspire pride and build employee loyalty 
  • Proof that retail workers actually love their job 
  • What front line retail workers need from the organization