Devon Mychal & Vikas Bhambri

Is the Great Resignation just a buzzword, or is it real? Either way, employees are quitting their jobs and looking for new roles. And research shows that workers who are engaged in their work and workplace can actually be more likely to outperform competitors. It’s time to start rethinking employee management and come up with new strategies for improving the employee experience.

Here to talk about this subject today is Vikas Bhambri, SVP, Sales & CX at Kustomer and Devon Mychal, Director of Product Marketing at Talkdesk. In their conversation today, they’ll be exploring ways for companies to have a truly employee-centered workforce with top-down advocacy for employee wellbeing. Listen to the episode to hear them discuss why it’s more difficult to sustain engagement in the workforce, especially for deskless employees, how to address staff shortages and reductions, and what ripple effects a workforce experiences from high turnover.


Topics Discussed in Today’s Episode:

What Vikas does at Kustomer
What Devon does at Talkdesk
Why has it become more difficult to build and maintain an engaged workforce
The perfect storm of legacy concepts, remote working, and bring-your-own-device
Addressing staff shortages and reductions
How to set up workers for success
The ripple effects of high turnover rates in a company
Hits to morale due to turnover
Training and updates due to new technology
How recognition plays a role and how companies should manage it
Trend changes that are going to have a future impact on workforce management



Devon Mychal

Vikas Bhambri





“The staffing shortage is real and companies are getting creative in terms of how they’re approaching these things.” –Devon Mychal, Director of Product Marketing at Talkdesk

“Even for very large legacy brands and companies, you’re seeing how a change in leadership can not only have an impact on the employee brand but ultimately the bottom line and the share price.” –Vikas Bhambri, SVP, Sales & CX at Kustomer

“Any individual leaving a company has a profound impact.” –Vikas Bhambri, SVP, Sales & CX at Kustomer

“Companies that aren’t investing in a strong customer experience brand and really making that a priority are having trouble attracting agents and keeping agents because they don’t want to be a part of something that doesn’t value the work that they do. –Devon Mychal, Director of Product Marketing at Talkdesk

“The recognition has to be meaningful, it can’t just be that everyone’s recognizing each other all the time because it’s an easy thing to do and we just want everyone to feel happy.” –Devon Mychal, Director of Product Marketing at Talkdesk

“We’re at a time where a lot of what we develop now is really going to springboard us for several years from an employee perspective.” –Vikas Bhambri, SVP, Sales & CX at Kustomer



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