Allison Auclair

Running an omnichannel business involves a lot of different moving parts for your online and offline locations, but how do you connect all those moving parts to provide your customers with the most seamless experience? Today’s guest says that’s one of the biggest challenges her customers face. Allison Auclair is the Vice President of Product Management at Oracle NetSuite. In today’s episode, she discusses how customers use NetSuite, why creating a great customer experience is so important, and how to win customers in an omnichannel world. Listen to the episode to hear what she has to say about the importance of making connections between services to create a more seamless experience.


Topics Discussed in Today’s Episode:

Allison’s background
What customers come to NetSuite for
Use cases for NetSuite
Changes that Allison witnessed during the pandemic era
Allison’s favorite in-location experiences
Why creating a great customer experience is more important than ever
Brand optimization issues that customers bring to Allison
The keys to winning customers in an omnichannel world
What customers need to do before calling NetSuite
Technology that Allison expects to take off on the brick-and-mortar side of things
Advice on what not to do
What retailers should do first
Thinking about fracture points in the customer experience
Allison’s favorite local places to visit



Allison Auclair



“One of the biggest challenges I see customers come in with is connecting the experience together.”

“There are only so many things that I’m willing to go in person and it’s usually because it’s something I want to touch and feel and see and experience in person.”

“The other part, I think, of making that seamless experience is having all of your different fulfillment options everywhere.”