Jon Cheney

How can retailers help their customers answer questions about their products when customers can’t touch or pick up the product in person? Today’s guest has answers. Jon Cheney is the CEO and founder of Seek, a company that helps retailers provide customers with visualization options through 3-D technology. Listen in to hear what Jon has to say about how retailers use Seek’s technology, how Seek helps them get returns, and how his technology can both help eCommerce retailers and supplement in-store experiences.


Topics Discussed in Today’s Episode:

What Seek is all about
How a typical retailer uses Seek’s technology
How retailers get returns with Seek
Whether Seek’s technology is mainly for bigger brands or smaller brands
Changes in customer behavior during the pandemic
How travel is going to respond
Long-term changes in retail
How Jon thinks his technology can supplement the indoor experience
Jon’s favorite in-store experiences
Takeaways for retailers
Technologies that have been adopted at a faster pace than Jon expected
The biggest technology that retailers will need to adopt
Areas to check out in Utah



Jon Cheney




“Typically, we’re helping retailers sell their products.”

“Brands that are hoping it goes back to normal in retail might be disappointed.”

“Don’t be afraid of change. I mean change is the only constant I’ve found in life.”