Joe Guith

How are customer behaviors changing during the COVID-19 pandemic? Can brands see a change in the types of products customers want in the current environment? That’s one of the topics that Joe Guith tackles in today’s podcast.

Joe is the president of McAlister’s Deli, a large regional brand. Listen in to hear what Joe has to say about his role in the company, how the company has adapted during the pandemic, and what Joe thinks will shape the restaurants of the future.


Topics Discussed in Today’s Episode:

What McAlister’s Deli is and what Joe’s role is there
How McAlister’s as adjusted to the pandemic
How many of the changes due to the pandemic will stick
Consumer and customer behaviors that have accelerated during the pandemic
Investments Joe is thinking of making in the business
How McAlister’s handles adapting to local market demands
Things that Joe thinks will shape the restaurants of the future
Automation that will impact the industry
How McAlister’s has been staying in contact with customers
Types of food that are more prone to be ordered curbside
Advice Joe would give other restaurant operators
Fun brands in Atlanta that Joe recommends



Joe Guith

McAlister’s Deli



“As relates to our business, I do believe that digital is easier. It’s more convenient.”

“There’s definitely been a surge in the indulgent category, whether that be sandwiches or definitely in the dessert category.”

“If your brand promise or your business value or experience has been largely predicated on physical, in-person interaction, how are you extending that in a digital world?”