Jake Rouse

Is the continuing pandemic holding brands back or helping to push them into the future? Today’s guest is Jake Rouse, co-founder and CEO of the Braxton Brewing Company, a Cincinnati brewing company that bills itself as the Taproom of the Future. In today’s episode, Jake discusses how COVID-19 has affected the brewer, what changes in strategy and technology the company has made as a result of the pandemic, and how those changes will affect the future of his brand and others.


Topics Discussed in Today’s Episode:

How Jake moved from tech to brewing
Why Jake’s brewery calls itself the Taproom of the Future
How COVID-19 has impacted Jake’s business
What changes Jake has had to make over the past few months and what changes he anticipates in the near future
Whether Jake’s brewery is using different technology since the beginning of the pandemic
Resources that Jake would recommend
What changes will remain post-COVID
What growth looks like for Braxton Brewing
Advice for brands who think it’s time to throw in the towel
Where brands should get started
Fun places to visit in Cincinnati



Jake Rouse



“We really wanted to blend technology and beer together, because my take on the beer industry is that it was really ripe for disruption.”

“The biggest changes we made were definitely in our marketing.”

“It’s been amazing to see people pivot into a subscription type environment for beer.”