Creating Memorable In-Location Experiences Across 40+ Locations with Andrew Pudalov, Founder and CEO of Rush Bowls

In this episode, our host Bobby Marahmat speaks with Andrew Pudalov, Founder and CEO of Rush Bowls, a healthy quick serve restaurant with more than 40 locations across the US with plans to add 20 more new locations in 2023. 

Topics discussed:

  • How the 9/11 terrorist attacks prompted Andrew to leave behind his career in finance.
  • The inspiration behind Rush Bowls. 
  • How to decide if you should franchise your business. 
  • The key to Rush Bowls rapid growth. 
  • How Rush Bowls creates memorable in-location experiences across locations in many different cities and states.  
  • Andrew’s top pieces of advice for operators looking to grow their business in today’s climate