Psycho Bunny’s Matthew Morein on How to Build Strong and Consistent Omnichannel Brand Experiences

  On today’s episode of The Retail Experience Show, Bobby speaks with Matthew Morein, VP Brand & Marketing at Psycho Bunny, a men’s clothing company that “redefines the classics.” They discuss the ways in which Psycho Bunny builds its brand on three things — quality, color and vibrancy, and “the double take” — and how every effort to create a consistent brand experience both online and in-store gets filtered through those three pillars. They also talk about how to elevate brand perception, the experiences Psycho Bunny offers in-store to delight customers, and why the future of retail commerce will focus on in-store experiences. Topics discussed:
  • How Matthew’s career began in art, video, printmaking, and music, his introduction into clothing through his roommate’s clothing boutique, and how he worked as a stylist before moving into marketing and becoming head of branding at Psycho Bunny.
  • How Matthew’s day-to-day focus is driving awareness of the brand, and how to build the brand experience into new stores.
  • Why the Psycho Bunny brand’s foundation is on providing quality, color and vibrancy, and “the double take” through everything it does.
  • How Psycho Bunny has created a strong brand that customers are drawn to, and why “quality acts as a retention metric.”
  • How Psycho Bunny creates its in-store design that features screens, LED panels, walk-through portals, and more, and how that experience is mirrored on the website.
  • The ways in which Matthew creates a consistent omnichannel experience across every touchpoint, all grounded in their three pillars.
  • Why the future of retail commerce will focus more on in-store experiences and creating something you can’t get on a mobile screen.