Josh Baylin

How do robotics function in the retail world now, and how will they play into retail settings in the future? Today’s guest is working in the cutting edge of autonomous robotics and will explain a lot of the thinking around robotics in the retail space.

Josh Baylin is the Vice President of Product and Marketing at Brain Corp, a company that makes software that transforms manual machines into robots. Listen to the episode as he discusses how customers utilize Brain Corp products and who those customers are, what the use cases for Brain Corp’s products are, and what the future holds as more robot technology makes its way into the retail space.


Topics Discussed in Today’s Episode:

Josh’s role at Brain Corp
Josh’s background
Brain Corp’s vision
Whether people are buying software, robots, or both from Brain Corp
Customers that utilize Brain Corp’s products
What the use cases for Brain Corp’s products are
Whether use cases have changed over the past few years
Things retailers should be thinking about when considering robot use
What the future holds for the adoption of robot technology in retail
What Josh has seem retailers hold in the front of their minds when thinking about robots
Misconceptions about robots
Initial challenges customers might have in implementing robot technology at their locations
How Brain Corp can provide a better in-store experience with robots
Whether Brain Corp has standard pricing, or if it’s more custom
What Josh sees for the future of robotic technology



Josh Baylin

Brain Corp



“In short, it’s really my role to make sure we’re working on the right products, and that we’re prioritizing the right features for our customers and our partners.”

“The vision of the company and the vision of our CEO is really robots everywhere, helping people.”

“The way maybe it’s easy for some of your listeners to kind of grasp it is to think of a 900-lb Roomba running down the aisles of a Wal-Mart.”

“I almost like to think of our robots a little bit as a go-go-gadget arm.”

“The omnichannel buying experience is certainly top of mind for retailers.”

“The easier we can make it for our customers, I think, the better.”