Jenna Posner’s SNIPES Journey: A Blueprint for Transforming Retail with Tech


Jenna Posner is the Chief Digital Officer for SNIPES, one of the fastest growing sneaker and streetwear retail platforms in Europe and the US. Jenna is a seasoned retail industry professional having worked as a retail technologist and digital retailer for an impressive lineup of innovative tech startups like Radius8 (Fiserve), Clutch, Curalate (Bazaarevoice) and Levelup (GrubHub).

In this episode, Jenna gives us an overview on her current role at SNIPES, and shares some tips on how she supports all channels of the business by prioritizing customer experience, cultivating a strong partnership with vendors, and leveraging technology to expedite and augment her team’s efforts.

Topics discussed:

– Jenna’s career journey, from being a retail technologist to a digital retailer, and how she came to work at SNIPES

– A brief history of SNIPES, and how established vendor relationships and legacy knowledge let to it’s steady growth and success

– Jenna’s primary role and three main disciplines Jenna focuses on on a day to day basis

– Using technology to improve customer confidence

– How the company utilizes the BOPUS (buy online, pick up in store) business model

– Jenna’s view on the future of e-commerce

– The importance of using information and data to better engage with consumers and drive value

– SNIPES’ ‘‘Crack the Code” initiative

– Jenna’s advice for start-up retailers to prepare them for the future