Bite into History: The Century-Long Journey of White Castle

White Castle isn’t as big as some other hamburger chains, but it is the oldest chain in the United States, and it remains family-owned even after 100 years, which is a big feat. In today’s episode, you’ll learn more about White Castle and why it remains a success so long after its initial appearance.

Jamie Richardson is the Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations at White Castle. Over the years, he’s also worked as a Regional Marketing Supervisor, Director of Marketing, and the VP of Public Relations, so he knows a lot about the company. Listen to the episode to hear what Jamie has to say about why he works at White Castle, why White Castle has stood the test of time, and why White Castle is a great place to work.


  • Jamie’s role
  • What brought Jamie to White Castle
  •  What Jamie’s day to day looks like
  • Why White Castle has stood the test of time
  • Why the White Castle footprint is smaller than competitors
  • White Castle’s frozen food products in the grocery store
  • Initiatives that White Castle has been focused on
  • Changes to the brand over the last few years
  • The keys to a great dining experience
  • Advice for restaurants to grow and last as long as White Castle has
  • Why White Castle is a great place to work
  • How to keep a multi-location restaurant a desirable place for employees to work
  • White Castle’s new Strawberry-Swirl Cheesecake on a stick