PODCAST 92: Tal Zvi Nathanel

Tal Zvi Nathanel is the CEO & Co-Founder of SHOWFIELD, a multi-brand department store environment built for today’s customers and tomorrow’s brands. With a background in technology and event experiences, and inspired by the power of physical stores to stimulate all of our senses, Tal is driving democratization in the retail sector by bringing new brands and new customers together in shared spaces. SHOWFIELD’s unique ‘C-Commerce’ approach pushes them to constantly innovate, asking critical questions about what a customer journey really looks like today, and how they can always keep relevant.

Topics discussed:

  •  Why exclusivity and stagnation negatively impacted the retail sector, and how SHOWFIELD plans to restore faith in brick & mortar
  •  How a background in event experiences and technology paired with a partner from the construction sector helped shape the SHOWFIELD approach to retail
  •  Why democratizing retail means asking customer-focused questions, and leaving selling to the side
  •  The strengths and weaknesses of retail vs. online stores, and how each should play to their strengths
  •  Why physical stores provide a more rewarding customer experience and present more opportunities for astute promotional strategies
  •  Why focusing on ‘Instagrammable’ content is putting the cart before the horse when it comes to memorable moments
  • The ‘C-commerce’ strategy: community, curation, connection, content, convenience