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Which restaurants have what it takes to thrive in a pandemic?

The restaurant industry is one of the oldest in existence. People have gathered in varieties of eateries, bars, taverns, fine dining establishments, and greasy spoons since the first towns appeared. The COVID-19 pandemic may have forced many restaurants to close, but the restaurant industry knows survival better than most.

General survival doesn’t help individual establishments, though, especially those that are already struggling. How can restaurants overcome the adversity of the moment and deliver the engaging yet safe experiences their customers demand? We have conducted several studies on the state of brick-and-mortar businesses over the last year, and while services such as online delivery have gained ground, people of all ages still love a great in-person experience.

Some restaurants have flourished. Others have floundered. Small restaurants without the budget to perform a total overhaul of their service models must get creative to gain ground during a time when most businesses are happy just to hang on.

To help your restaurant break free from the struggle of the pandemic and create experiences that keep customers coming back for more, take the lessons of this guide to heart.

What you will learn:


Learn the basics of new customer expectations.

We’ll go over how customers’ attitudes and desires have shifted during the pandemic and discuss how those expectations are reflected in their dining habits.


Review 10 actionable ideas and why they work today.

Remember, good artists borrow, but great artists steal. In the next section, we’ll cover 10 ideas that can help you get your restaurant over the hump to start welcoming customers back in droves.


Follow our quick-start guide to reclaim your restaurant success.

You didn’t work hard to build your restaurant just to let something out of your control take away your success. Reinvigorate your dining experience with our quick-start guide to give customers everything they expect and more.

If bogus Yelp reviews from customers mad at third-party delivery drivers can’t take you down, this won’t either. Read on to learn how to take your restaurant to the top, no matter what’s happening in the world.

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